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Pasto, December 26, 2015
Manufactures UAZ
Ulyanovsk, Russia

I, being a proud owner of UAZ vehicle from Colombia, am very happy to congratulate the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant for their excellent UAZ 469B jeeps technology.

31 years ago UAZ 469B jeep appeared at the Andes in the south of Colombia. It has been negotiated by the governments of the Soviet Union and Colombia to use it as banana barter at the time.
I bought the Russian UAZ 469B to transport my family from the Pasto city to a cattle farm in the Andes. The jeep easily adapted to the mountainous topography of our Andean region. It showed excellent performance, simplicity and economy over Land Rover, Land Cruiser and Nissan jeeps.

The design and technology of this vehicle was developed by Russian specialists in the early 1960. They worked on their creation for 10 years! This is the reason why it became an irreplaceable tool for my family for more than a quarter of the century. And I think it will stay in perfect mechanical condition for years to come. The model still retains its original condition and is listed as a classic car in our city.

Warm greetings from the city of Pasto in Southern Colombia.


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