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Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant announces the sales start of the renewed vehicles of PATRIOT off-roader class.

The key features of the renewed UAZ PATRIOT are the keen look and a wide range of comfort options, which correspond to the needs of the variety of customers.

The exterior of the new UAZ PATRIOT has acquired original stylish body colors, now it is presented in dark-grey and brown metallic. The new design of 18-inch discs with diamond finish visually enlarges the wheels, while its stylish drawing gives the car an identity and a modern dynamic look.

The interior has also undergone distinct changes. New upholsteries of doors hide outer sealing in drop-sided windows, resulting in state-of-art look. The new upholstery of seats executed in a two-color combination with an original pro-line on a contour of seats which finishes a complete modern image of an interior. Loudspeakers of the increased diameter located in back doors in combination with new high-frequency loudspeakers in front doors considerably improve the sound quality of multimedia system.

Arm-rests are equipped with two cup holders providing the necessary comfort to the back-seat passengers.

The new class of UAZ PATRIOT can as well boast of pneumatic bonnet stays, which allow easy opening of the bonnet and operating the vehicle in general.

Reliable frameless windshield blades on the renewed UAZ PATRIOT serve for safe and comfortable driving; the windshield blades can be used all year round.

The renewed model of UAZ PATRIOT can be purchased in all distribution centers in the end of August. The premiere show of the vehicle will take place at the International off-roader exhibition «MOSCOW OFF-ROAD SHOW 2015».

The cost on the updated SUVs of the PATRIOT class starts with 639.000 rubles with the reference to the current discount programs.

«The new PATRIOT has gained incredible popularity among Russian customers since its launch in 2014» — says Vadim Shvetsov, Director General of UAZ, PJSC.

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