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For the first time Russian SUV UAZ PATRIOT took part in the legendary Dakar Rally.

On the hardest Dakar-2015 held in January 4 – 17, 2015 in South America UAZ PATRIOT successfully passed the whole distance of the race as an escort vehicle with journalists and managers of Belgorod team "Virage".

A renewed serial UAZ PATRIOT equipped with Russian gasoline engine ZMZ participated in Rally. For the new generation of UAZ PATRIOT the participation in the legendary rally was a good test on reliability of all systems of the new vehicle. The Russian UAZ showed perfect results on the slopes of Argentina and Chile.

UAZ was operated with outside air temperature +49С, that is unusual for the standard vehicle UAZ brought from Russia however air conditioning and cooling systems of the engine operated in normally. Another important test was made while passing through the Andes that meant operation of UAZ vehicle on the level of 5,000 feet above sea level. That height was the reason of excessive workload for the crew, but UAZ overcame this obstacle successfully.

The total mileage that UAZ PATRIOT did on the Dakar reached about 14,000 km on various terrains: sand, mountains, deserts, sand dunes. The average fuel consumption was about 13L/100 km, which is quite acceptable, considering the four expedition roof boxes mounted and its special off-road tires.

According to the results of the legendary Dakar Rally, one can be sure that the new styled serial UAZ showed outstanding results and successfully coped with all the difficulties during its debut participation in the prestigious transcontinental race.

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