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On the 17th of April the motor rally «The Journey of Peace» started from the Red Square, the rally will be held within the open festival «The Cherry Forest».

With the initiative of the Creative Cluster «IGRA3000» the open festival «The Cherry Forest» included the motor rally «The Journey of Peace» in its program. The rally started on the 17th of April in GUM (The State Department Store).

Legendary trucks UAZ-452, called a «Bread loaf» popularly, opened the show of the rally in the main department store in Moscow near the central fountain.

«The Journey of Peace» is a 7 000 km travel from White to the Black Sea on the legendary passenger busses UAZ-452, called a «Bread loaf» in Russia, the model which will celebrate its 50th birthday in 2015. Each of the seven vehicles has some particular creative workshop inside including arts and crafts, folklore, music, visual art, cinema and theatre.

Participants of the motor rally will visit many cities and the regional centers of the European part of Russia. There they will hold different art events; the key event is declared to be the project by Andrey Popov «The Bench of Peace»

The best works of art upon finishing of the motor rally will be presented on the Red Square in Moscow within an open festival of arts «The Cherry Forest».

Every spring for 15 years in a row «The Cherry Forest» blooms in Moscow. A good tradition from BOSCODICILIEGI family, the unique festival which unites different types of art: painting and sculpture, ballet and music, cinema and theater, literature and sport.

«The Journey of Peace» is the project which helps to revive and promote all types of applied arts and crafts as well as it serves as career guidance for the youth. The Creative Cluster «IGRA3000» recruits leading experts in the areas of culture, art and education for their projects.

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