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As a part of the exhibition Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant presented its renewed UAZ PATRIOT and a tuned UAZ HUNTER.

The key features of the renewed UAZ PATRIOT are the keen look and a wide range of comfort options, which correspond to the needs of the variety of customers.

The exterior of the new UAZ PATRIOT has acquired original stylish body colors, now it is presented in dark-grey and brown metallic. The vehicle obtained a new design of 18-inch discs, modern door and seat furnishing, tweeters, arm-rests with two cup holders, pneumatic bonnet stays and frameless windshield blades.

The second vehicle on the UAZ display is the legendary UAZ HUNTER, set up as a successor to UAZ-469, characterized by all-terrain performance, easy maintenance and reliability. The SUV is presented in bold yellow color; it has 15-inch BF GOODRICH MUD-TERRAIN discs as well as powerful LED lighting, the protection of steering gear and fuel tank, moreover it has both front and back winches, a ladder and expedition truck.

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