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In the year 2013 Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant set up a record in recent years by the number of the cars realized in foreign markets. So, in last year, 10 421 cars were sold in the export markets, this number exceeds 37% a similar indicator of 2012. UAZ cars were delivered to 20 countries. In February the official opening of the new dealer center UAZ took place in Naberezhnye Chelny on the territory of the Republic of Tatarstan. At the end of March expedition on the SUV UAZ PATRIOT reached one of the most northern ports of Russia — Tiksi harbor mislaid on the coast of the Arctic Ocean. For the first time in history, Russian UAZ Patriot SUV crossed Yakutia on winter roads through the frozen tundra, also it reached the Yakut settlement of Yuryung-Huy, and for the first time, through Taymylyr, passed from West side to one of the most northern ports of Russia to Tiksi, having become the only and by right the first one who crossed the 73rd parallel of a northern latitude under the own steam.

On the 4th of April Russian Prime Minister D. A. Medvedev visited Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant where he examined a production site and the project on modernization and development of the enterprise. In the middle of April UAZ presented completely updated design and content of the UAZ official site the structure was improved and interactive elements were added by means of which is has become possible to choose the color of the car, to carry out comparison with other models, and also to decide on a choice of a definite specifications set. UAZ Polar expedition has finished in Krasnoyarsk. In 38 days UAZ PATRIOT SUV successfully overcame more than 21 000 km of the route passing on public roads, winter roads, the frozen Tundra and ice of the Laptev Sea, having finished in a start point of Krasnoyarsk.
At the beginning of June the SUV UAZ PATRIOT received modern options and became even more convenient and comfortable: modern ABS Bosch of the 9th generation with the EBD functions (Electronic Brake Distribution system) and CPC (an obstacle to the separation of a back axis from the road).

In the middle June, 2014 UAZ PATRIOT model range was replenished with three new special versions at once: UnLimited, Expedition and Trophy. In the second half of June UAZ PATRIOT and UAZ PICKUP received the up-to-date power steering and became even more convenient and safe.

On the 7th of October Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant started mass production of the updated UAZ PATRIOT. The first three PATRIOTS symbolically descended from the conveyor in colors of a tricolor of the Russian flag. At a ceremony there was a Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation D. v. Manturov, the Plenipotentiary of the Russian President in Volga federal district M. v. Babich, the Governor of the Ulyanovsk region S. I. Morozov who started the new assembly conveyor of bodies in a festive atmosphere and gave start to a mass production of the updated UAZ PATRIOT.

From November 22 to December 7, 2014 motor rally on the new cars UAZ Patriot equipped with the ZMZ petrol engine took place on the Crimean peninsula. 8 UAZ Patriots of the last generation were involved in run including the ones painted in colors of a tricolor of the Russian flag, which were first to descend from the conveyor of Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant.


In May UAZ Patriot SUV won the first prize in the nomination "Domestic Car" for the fifth year in a row the in the national automobile Award "The Best Car according to the Runet", founded by Avto@mail.Ru.

From January, 2013 through June UAZ cars were sold in the record number in the export markets — 5182 pieces that is 38% more, than for the same period of 2012.

Since July, UAZ announced the start of the subsidized credit program "You Dream — We Pay" developed together with VTB24. Where the special conditions of registration of the credit for purchase of UAZ cars are provided.

On August 6, 2013 the first serial UAZ Patriot of 2014 model year descended from the assembly line of Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant, the car restyling affected transmission, materials of finishing and the additional equipment.

From September 17th to September 19th the new UAZ Patriot and UAZ Pickup successfully passed the test in the mountains of Abkhazia. The final point of expedition became the remote mountain village of Pskhu, where only daredevils may venture.

Since September the model range of UAZ was replenished with the special Trophy series. In the Trophy special version one can purchase UAZ Patriot, UAZ Pickup, UAZ Hunter and the commercial vehicle UAZ 390995.

In November UAZ together with the Lukoil company launches a line of original oils for UAZ cars

In November of UAZ announces service campaign for replacement of the heated front screen relay for the UAZ Patriot cars released during the period from July 1 to September 9, 2013.

In December of UAZ releases a limited series of the Patriot Arctic vehicles in special "winter" color "Snow Queen" equipped with a prestarting heater of the Eberspecher HYDRONIC company (power of 5 kW) which is started by a control unit in the programmed time before the owner's arrival.

In December UAZ redesigned the package with the purpose to distinguish high-quality original spare parts UAZ from competitors' and to exclude realization of counterfeit production of poor quality.


In the beginning of February UAZ vehicles of the environmental standard of Euro-4 passed laboratory and road tests in the conditions of the lowered temperatures near Novosibirsk.

In March UAZ Patriot SUV took the first place in the nomination "Domestic Car" in the national automobile Award "The Best Car according to the Runet" founded by Avto@mail.Ru.

In August Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant presented two Russian premieres — the updated UAZ Patriot and UAZ Pickup during Moscow International motor show.

In November Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant launched the production of new versions of popular UAZ Patriot and UAZ Pickup SUVs with the ZMZ Euro-4 new diesel engine equipped with the modern diesel Bosch technologies — Common Rail CRS2-14 system, and also the European system of onboard diagnostics (EOBD). It is the first diesel engine of the Russian production for the present day for motor cars, which fully meets environmental standard Euro-4 which comes into effect on the territory of Russia from 2013.


In 2011 Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant celebrated its 70th birthday.

Since January, 2011 PJSC UAZ produces anticorrosive processing of chassis for Patriot family SUVs in a production cycle.

From the beginning of the year PJSC UAZ declared an increase in warranty period up to 3 years or 100 thousand km of run for UAZ Patriot, UAZ Patriot Sport, UAZ Pickup.

The Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant recalled all models produced during the period from January 17 to February 17, 2011 because of the brake system defect.

In March the UAZ Patriot SUV took the first place in the nomination "Domestic Car" in the national automobile Award "The Best Car according to the Runet" founded by Avto@mail.Ru.

In April the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant declared the results of supplier evaluation. Among the winners were "AGC Borsky Glassworks", delivering the windshield glass and tempered automobile glass, the coproduction Delphi making bundled cable, the "East Polymeric company" delivering interior trim and the Bosch company producing around 30 items of vehicle accessories in Europe and Russia.

In June Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant headed for serial manufacture of traditional commercial model range of the category M2G, which meets the requirements of toxicity of EURO-4 and equipped with ABS security system.

To celebrate the anniversary, from August 6 to August 18, 2011 UAZ organized "Off-road UAZ park of adventures on Baikal" visited by directors and owners of the key dealer centers in the Russian Federation, suppliers of UAZ, administrative board of corporate clients, journalists of key automobile publishing editions, heads of banks and investment companies, top management of the company.

In September in honor of the 70 jubilee, especially for the brand fans, Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant releases a limited series of anniversary UAZ Hunter in the export markets and a limited series of anniversary UAZ Patriot on the territory of the Russian Federation.

In September on PJSC UAZ started a serial manufacture of the UAZ Patriot equipped with system of a safe parking (parctronic) and the traction coupling device (TCD).

10 UAZ cars participated in the solemn march which took place on November 7, 2011 in the Red Square in Moscow. Solemn march was devoted to the 70th anniversary of the legendary parade of troops of Red army, which took place in 1941 in the capital besieged by fascists.

In November UAZ Patriot vehicle received the diploma of the All-Russian competition "100 best goods of Russia".

In November, 2011 JSC UAZ exported 50 UAZ Patriot cars to the Republic Guinea through the International organization of civil defense within the Russian humanitarian aid.

The exhibition "Era of Off-road Discoveries" took place from August 15 to November 15 in the Moscow SOLLERS office to celebrate the 70 anniversary of Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant.

In December in honor of anniversary of Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant the collection of stories "Fellow travellers" and the short feature film based on real stories of today's owners of cars UAZ were published.


In March PJSC UAZ launched the new generation of the legendary SUV 469 on the basis of UAZ Hunter which acquired articulated axles, metal bumper, 4-staged transmission, tail gate truck.

In May the first cars with two-fuel power supply system descended from the assembly line of Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant (petrol and gas).

In June UAZ 469 set a world record on car capacity. 32 people could fit in the SUV at the same time , that is approximately as many passenger seats as there are in the regular bus. The weight of passengers together with the driver totalled to 1900 kg that corresponds to the weight of an African elephant.

The new UAZ Patriot Sport SUV was presented during the Moscow International motor show in August at the stand of Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant.

UAZ Sport Division became "The Best Russian team on SUVs" in the "Silk Way" rally in September. Benjamin Dzhepajew with the UAZ Pickup took the fifth place in the overall ranking of SUVs. It the first Russian crew, which is competing with foreign factory teams.

In November UAZ Patriot and UAZ Pickup with the ZMZ petrol engine successfully passed certification on compliance to norms of the ecological class "Euro-4" in Italy.


On September 13th the official team of Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant finished the rally of the Dakar series. The team competing on UAZ Patriot in the class T1.1., took 21st place in "cars" classification, having left behind 13 rivals. In the overall ranking the car was the 34th to arrive from Ulyanovsk, having bypassed 36 other SUVs and trucks.

UAZ Patriot and UAZ Pickup were chosen as official vehicles of the All-Russian motor rally "The Great Way of the Russian Civilization" organized by "UNITED RUSSIA" party. Expedition left on October 13th from St. Petersburg and on November 16th came to Vladivostok. UAZ won through more than 11 thousand km.

UAZ Pickup received new options: a cover and embedment for the load box.


In February UAZ began serial manufacture of commercial motor cars on the basis of the UAZ Patriot SUV. The new model received the name UAZ Cargo and is issued now in several modifications: with an open cargo platform, with a tented body of 1,4 meters high, and also in the shape of the chassis for installation of bulkhead .

In August UAZ Patriot together with the world famous Iveco diesel engine began serial vehicle manufacturing.

Started a serial production of the new UAZ Pickup.


UAZ Patriot went into the serial manufacture in August, producing vehicles with the air conditioner, the improved system of heating and ventilation of cabin, and also with updated engine cooling system.

The new modification - Classic UAZ Hunter was launched into production in March. Classic modification fits perfectly into the Hunter model range, occupying an initial niche of the practical and maintenance-friendly SUV, suitable for operation in the most severe conditions of climate and terrain.


On the 3rd of September at Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant the new control and test site of the assembly line was put into operation. Investments into implementation of the project comprised 2 million euros.

The total area of a new site occupies 2800 sq.m., its capacity — up to 90 thousand cars a year. The site is aimed at the whole existing model range of cars of the UAZ brand, and also perspective models.

UAZ presented 4 novelties on the Moscow International motor show in August. The conceptual SUV of UAZ-3163M became the most interesting exhibit of the UAZ stand. UAZ Patriot of the next model year became the second novelty of the UAZ stand. The exposition of UAZ was topped up by two perspective pickups on the basis of UAZ Patriot — with double and five-seater cabins.


On August 17th, Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant started serial manufacture of the UAZ Patriot SUV began.

UAZ Patriot — is the first brand new model of the up-to-date, comfortable SUV designed by UAZ in the last 30 years. This model is created for active people and suits for the city as well as for the country.

UAZ Patriot model incorporated all the best technical solutions, which were developed at UAZ in over the last 10 years. The new suspension, transmission and steering, convenient cabin and modern design of an exterior. And all these knots and decisions were taken from well-known car makers (the vehicle has more than 20-percent of imported accessories).

The new welding line was launched at the plant for production of this novelty, as well as the new painting Eisenmann complex was constructed and the main assembly line was upgraded. Besides, the new ""Production system"" similar to Japanese automobile works was introduced, and the personnel of plant completed a special course for the production of the new model.


At the end of 2003, Assembly and body production of UAZ passed certified audit on compliance to quality management system of the ISO international standards of 9001 versions of 2000. On January 16, 2004 the representatives of the German company "TUV Management Service" handed the certificate of conformity to the quality system of ISO 9001:2000 to automobile plant. On March 4 the first car UAZ-2360 descended from the main assembly line (the truck based on 3160)

From April 17 to May 30 the new UAZ Hunter, Simbir and UAZ-2360 cars took part in the motor run from Krasnoyarsk to St. Petersburg. Total length of the route made more than 5000 km. Threre were held "off-road" competitions in the largest cities of Russia on the way of motor rally under the motto "Off-road Day Off".


In March, Vietnam started assembly production of UAZ.

On March 26th, UAZ Simbir car became one of winners of the All-Russian program competition "100 best goods of Russia" and acquired the right to carry a silver badge for two years. In April UAZ Simbir with the ZMZ-409 engine was presented at the international exhibition in Shanghai.

On November 20th, the last car UAZ-31512 (modification of UAZ-469) descended from the assembly line, followed by the first UAZ Hunter.


In August, Cargo line of the main assembly line celebrated its 30th anniversary. The same month during the VII Russian International motor show the pickup UAZ-23632 was recognized as "The best pickup" of MIMS-2002 ″ and awarded by the "Grand Prix" diploma.


In September at the VII Moscow industrial fair UAZ Simbir was awarded with a gold medal. Motor rally "Ulyanovsk — Zavolzhye — Cherepovets — Ulyanovsk" demonstrated test models of minivan UAZ-3165, the pickup UAZ-2362 and many others to the partners. According to the Program of Development of the Dealer Network of PJSC UAZ in 2001 the network of "sellers" from more than 100 organizations in Russia and the neighboring countries was created


On April 27 the first car UAZ-3162 descended from the assembly line. On October 12 PJSC Severstal bought the large equity stake of automobile plant. Development of the low-tonnage "Multivan", which can fit up to 12 people, was finished.


On the 14th of September the 1000th UAZ vehicle descended the main assembly line

UAZ finished the preproduction and began the serial release of new models on the basis of low-tonnage cars UAZ-39094 with a five-seater cabin and a metal platform.


In June, UAZ started the assembly of vehicles with the diesel engine UAZ-31604. In the long term UAZ planned to launch the range of cars on the basis of the new cargo chassis, including the modern bus, the new truck and new option of the farmer's car.


UAZ-3160 was awarded by the small gold medal and the diploma in Yekaterinburg at the international "Europe — Asia — Transit" fair.

The production of vehicles of small series was organized. UAZ-3153 which differed from UAZ-31514 in the extended base, became the first model mastered here.

On August 5th, the first pilot batch of new UAZ-3160 cars descended from the assembly line. This vehicle became a basis for development of Simbir and UAZ-3163 cars.


By the volume of sales the enterprise was awarded by the European prize "Gold Mercury".


In October the plant was awarded with the international prize "Golden Globe", for the outstanding contribution to the development of country's economy and integration into the world economy, as well as for competitive and high-quality production.


The plant started the release of the new modification of UAZ-31514. This modification of UAZ-469 with high consumer performance included a metal roof, adjustable seats, new locks of doors. Expansion of a number of modifications provided a complete set of the new UAZ-31514 with fuel-efficient engines and a spring of a forward suspension bracket.


UAZ is transformed to PJSC Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant (PJSC UAZ).


In the fall, at the initiative of the television program "Club of Travellers", Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant took part in expedition of the international project "The Great Silk Way" which was carried out by UNESCO. Having passed in total about ten thousand kilometers on sand and mountains of Central Asia and Kazakhstan, UAZ cars were as good in the speed and passability as cars of Mercedes-Benz, and even had the advantage on the mountain rise.


The group of designers of UAZ received government awards for the invention of the floating "Jaguar car". This model was intended for army, in particular for frontier guards. Still in the world there are no analogs of this car — its speed reaches 8-10 km/h on water.


November — UAZ-452 (van) receives the state Quality mark.


On February 16 — the automobile plant is awarded the second Order of the Red Banner of Labour. On December 27th, the state Quality Mark is appropriated to the UMZ-451M automobile engine.


On February 18th, one millionth UAZ descended from the conveyor. It was UAZ-452 (van) which won the great popularity among the drivers by that time. In August, 1974 three cars of UAZ-469B climbed a streaming slope of Elbrus, height of 4000 meters above sea level. Net rise time made up only 38 minutes.


UAZ-469 successfully passed the state tests.

On August 4th, the expansion of the main line was complete. The cargo line was started up.

On December 15th — the adjustment lot of cars of UAZ-469 descended from the main assembly line.


On November the 2nd, the technical council made the decision to unceasing transfer of production from GAZ cars - 69 and GAZ-69A to UAZ-469 and UAZ-469B.


In January, 1967 the Ministry of automotive industry of the USSR and the State Planning Committee of the USSR approved the detailed design on reconstruction and expansion of the plant. This task intended to increase car release by 3,5 times and to begin the release of new models.


May — International exhibition of agricultural machinery with participation of representatives of 20 countries of the world took place in Moscow. According to the decision of jury the truck of UAZ-452D was awarded a gold medal. This car became the irreplaceable assistant to agricultural workers of the country, due to its maneuverability, passability and unpretentiousness in operation.

On August 20 UAZ was awarded the order the Labor Red Banner.


In the beginning of the year the 250-thousand GAZ-69 descended from the assembly line.

Development of the car UAZ-469 was completed. UAZ-469 had to replace GAZ-69. After designers' thorough work on the cabin, suspension bracket and bridges, control tests were carried out, and then documentation on the car transferred to the preproduction department.


In January the decision on development of new models of cars was carried out. In the end of the year the serial manufacture of the truck with an onboard platform of UAZ-451D and a van of UAZ-451 was begun. On December 12th the first cars descended from the new assembly line. Modifications of these cars are issued at the plant today.


The group of the factory's designers received the copyright certificate on the invention of the pushing rod conveyor. Introduction of new system in assembly production was so effective that the "Izvestiya" newspaper wrote: "Such complex is not present either on GAS, or on ZIL. As if Ulyanovsk residents were in advance of their elder brothers, who recently used to give them lessons of large-lot production".


UAZ began the car export. In 1959 Ulyanovsk all-terrain vehicles were sent for export to 22 countries of the world. Cars of Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant had good reputation, thanks to unpretentiousness in operation and reliability. UAZ surpassed the foreign analogs in the road performance, winning the respect from foreign drivers.


According to the Ministry order it was entrusted to Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant to master release of GAZ-69 and GAZ-69A of increased passability and trailers to them which were earlier made in Gorky. Since that year UAZ officially has been specializing in production of low-tonnage cars of the increased passability. In spring, it was entrusted to UAZ to carry out a cycle of developmental works on creation of several kinds of cars in a short time period, including sanitary vehicle, cargo, a van, and the minibus. New configuration with a cabin above the engine, which wasn't yet applied to cars of the increased passability, was accepted. Such configuration allowed to increase body volume without increasing the length of the car.


In 1954 the department of the chief designer (DCD) at the plant was created. In the beginning it was the small group under the leadership of I.A. Davydov, which accepted documentation from GAS and transferred it to technological department after processing and completing. With the arrival of new experts, the development of new cars of UAZ family commenced.
In the end of the year adjustment parties GAZ-69 descended from the assembly line.


On March 13th, the 10-thousand truck descended from the line of the main conveyor. During two work shifts the number of vehicle released reached 140 units.

During October demonstration of 1949 the prototype of the one ton truck UAZ-300 was shown for the first time. In 1950 it successfully passed road tests. But this offspring of the Ulyanovsk designers wasn't destined to go to production.


On October 26 the first GAZ-AA one and half ton truck descended from the main assembly line.


By May, 1943, the prototype of the diesel ULZIS-253 truck — the first own car of Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant was launched. This 3,5-ton diesel truck didn't concede to American "Studebekker" on profitability of the engine and dynamic qualities and was highly appreciated by experts. In the end of 1944, the ZIS-5 vehicle was transferred to the Urals, to the city of Miass, and it was entrusted to Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant to master and adjust release of GAZ-AA cars


On June 22, 1943, State Defense Committee makes the decision on construction of car plant in Ulyanovsk. For this purpose the city executive committee allocated 200 hectares of land behind the Sviyaga River for the industrial and housing construction purposes. Construction of automobile works laid the foundation to one of the largest districts of the city of Ulyanovsk.


By May, 1942 five first ZIS-5 cars were assembled. In February, 1942, bench assembly of cars for the army began. In July rates of assembly reached 20-30 cars per day. The Ulyanovsk branch No. 4 ZIS was officially appointed by head enterprise on release of ZIS-5 cars. Tens of trucks are manufactured and sent to the front line. In the fall small-capacity L3/2 engines for the army needs were launched.

By the end of 1942, about 4 thousand young workers were at the plant already.


In July, 1941 the State Committee of Defense of the USSR makes the decision on evacuation of some of the largest enterprises from Moscow. It was decided to open assembly production of the Plant of Stalin (ZIS) in Ulyanovsk. The part of staff of the Moscow automobile plant together with the equipment was evacuated by the decision of the Government of the USSR in October, 1941 to Ulyanovsk. By the beginning of 1942 the shop of ammunition released its first product — plane-launched missiles.