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UAZ Patriot

Created for emotions,
made better for the entire family
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Created for emotions, made better for the entire family

The upgraded UAZ Patriot is an undoubted leader among off-road vehicles adapted to extreme driving conditions. With locking differential, high clearance, and body-on-frame construction, the upgraded UAZ Patriot gives you unforgettable emotions when conquering rough roads, while modern equipment and quality materials of the interior make the car a truly comfortable and safe companion in any trip. Try it and see for yourself.


  • Driver and front passenger air-bags
  • Front seatbelts with pretensioners and force limiter
  • Heated & power door mirrors
  • Adjustable steering wheel column
  • ABS and EBD
  • Alloy wheels R16
  • Air conditioner and cooled glove compartment
  • Rear parking sensors
  • Heated front seats
  • 2 Din audio system (MP3/USB, radio) with 4 loudspeakers
  • Alloy wheels 245/60 R18 «Kalahari» design
  • 7'' touch screen multimedia system with navigation
  • Multifunctional heated leather steering wheel
  • Rear-view camera and front parking sensors
  • ESP, TCS, CBC, HHC, HBA and Off-road mode
  • Alloy wheels R18 «Sahara» design
  • Climate-control
  • Leather seats upholstery
  • Heated rear seats
  • Heated windshield


Size and weight
Engine and transmission
Brakes, suspension and tyres
Speed and fuel-efficiency
  Standard Comfort Privelege Style
Seating capacity 5
Length, mm 4750 4785
Width without mirrors, mm 2110/1900
Height, mm 1910 2005
Wheel base, mm 2760
Front/rear track, mm 1600 1610
Road clearance, mm 210
Angle of approach, deg 35
Angle of departure, deg 30
Angle of approach (gross weight), deg 31
Fording depth, mm 500
Boot capacity (VDA measurement) - up to curtain/ up to ceiling/ with rear seats folded), litres 650/1130/2415
  Petrol engine Diesel engine
Curb weight, kg 2125 2165
Gross weight, kg 2650 2690
Load capacity, kg 525 525
  Petrol engine Diesel engine
Engine Petrol ZMZ-40906, Euro-4, V = 2,7 l Diesel ZMZ-51432, Bosch Common Rail injector, Euro-4
Fuel Petrol A-92 Diesel
Volume, l 2,693 2,235
Maximum output, hp (kW) 134,6 (99) at 4600 rpm 113,5 (83,5) at 3500 rpm
Maximum torque, Nm (kgf/m) 217 at 3900 rpm 270 at 1800…2800 rpm
Wheel arrangement 4 х 4
Transmission manual, 5-speed
Transfer case 2-speed (transmission ratio of low gear i=2,542)
Rear end ratio i=4,625
Wheel drive Rear wheel drive can shift into part-time 4WD
Emission Standard EURO-4, EURO-5 EURO-4
Front brakes disc-type
Rear brakes drum-type
Front suspension dependent, coil with anti-roll bar
Rear suspension dependent, on two longitudinal semi-elliptic few-leaf springs with anti-roll bar
Tyres 225/75 R16, 235/70 R16, 245/60 R18
  Petrol engine Diesel engine
Maximum speed, km/h 150 135
Fuel consumption at 90 km/h 11,5 9,5
Fuel tank capacity, l 72 72


The upgraded UAZ Patriot reaches a new level in such important parameters as safety and comfort. While maintaining a stylish design that inspires confidence, UAZ Patriot now has a large number of new modern equipment, which makes it a worthy, attractive, and worth buying off-road vehicle.

Off-road features

The upgraded UAZ Patriot still has all the benefits of a first-class off-road vehicle able to drive even to the most hard-to-reach places in the country.

  • Unsurpassed geometric off-road capability: ground clearance measured up to the axle housing is 210 mm, the approach angle is 35°, the departure angle is 30°.
  • Tough body-on-frame construction guarantees safety even on the most rough and impassable roads.
  • Part-time 4WD is implemented using a reliable Dymos transfer case with a gear ratio of 2.542.

As of 2016, these advantages are supplemented with an electronic locking rear differential. Eaton locking differential can be installed in any configuration and enables enhanced off-road capabilities. You just need to push a button in the passenger compartment.

All this makes the upgraded UAZ Patriot a true discoverer.


The design of the upgraded UAZ Patriot showcases power and confidence, reliability and safety and, most importantly, versatility. The new design of the radiator grille with a larger UAZ logo and chrome-plated elements combined with modern headlights with LED daytime running lamps provides the car with an expressive exterior.

Large side mirrors in the color of the body with LED repeater lights, wear resistant fog lights with glass lenses, and an additional LED stop signal make the car more noticeable in the traffic.

The rear part of the car stands out thanks to the spare wheel container with a silver PATRIOT inscription and modern rear lights.

The upgraded UAZ Patriot is offered in 7 colors as well as with 16" steel and 16" and 18" alloy wheels, depending on the configuration.


The dashboard of the upgraded UAZ Patriot has totally changed.

As part of a substantial upgrade, the UAZ design office has developed a new design of the dashboard and steering wheel.

  • A new 3-spoke leather steering wheel with control units looks stylish and modern.
  • The new position of the multimedia system touchscreen is dictated by ergonomics: the screen angle of inclination has been changed, the screen is on the level with the instrument cluster that now features chrome trims and white backlight.
  • Thanks to the new position of the touchscreen, the heating and air conditioning control panel is comfortably placed in the middle of the console with a pocket for a cellphone and small items underneath.
  • The upgraded UAZ Patriot has an option of leather upholstery for the seats with the central part with head restraints made of perforated genuine leather. In addition to the seats, you can choose a leather cover for the steering wheel, gear knob, and parking brake knob of a new design, depending on the configuration.
  • The well-balance of the UAZ Patriot’s interior is evident in every detail: vertical inserts colored in white aluminum match the elements on the steering wheel, while trimming of the of the climate control selector switches and transfer case goes with the chrome trim of the deflectors.

UAZ Patriot is characterized by impressive dimensions offering you an advantage of increased usable space in the passenger compartment. With folded second row seats a capacious 1,130 L trunk (to the roof) can be enlarged to an impressive volume of 2,415 L enabling the transportation of large-size items.


The upgraded UAZ Patriot takes passive and active safety to a new level thanks to modern equipment.

The upgraded UAZ Patriot has the following enhanced passive safety components:

  • Driver and passenger air bags in all configurations
  • Front safety belts with pretensioners, force limiters, and new height regulators

Three-point safety belts, L-form head restraints, and a safe ISOFIX attachment system for child safety seat are still available for safety in the second-row seats in the upgraded UAZ Patriot.

The upgraded UAZ Patriot also demonstrates design changes to enhance passive safety, which include longitudinal reinforcement of the floor framework, additional cantilever brackets for attaching the body to the frame, reinforcement of the front aperture panel and, what is most important, an energy absorbing steering column of a new design.

For the first time, UAZ Patriot has enhanced active safety featuring an ESP system (combined with AntiLock Braking System (ABS) and Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD)). Electronic stability program (ESP) was introduced in the car in collaboration with the German company Robert BOSCH. It took more than two years to install the ESP system into UAZ Patriot. During this period, full-scale road testing was carried out in Germany (in summer) and Sweden (in winter) bearing in mind the specifics of the Russian climate.

The electronic stability control helps to control the car when there is an increased risk of skidding, sideslip or rollover. Nevertheless, it is possible to turn off ESP by pushing a special button on the central console.

In addition to a new ESP system, UAZ Patriot has a whole range of systems to increase active safety:

  • Traction control system (TCS) manages the engine torque and brake system in order to prevent a drive wheel slip.
  • Cornering brake control (CBC) distributes the brake force to each wheel when braking on curves.
  • Hydraulic brake assist (HBA) is activated in emergency braking situations to make braking more effective.
  • Hill hold control (HHC) prevents the car from rolling back on a slope by stopping it for two seconds.
  • The off-road mode is switched on by pressing a special button on the central console to achieve more effective braking on loose surfaces.

For safe parking the upgraded UAZ Patriot is equipped with a rearview camera and parking sensors. Front parking sensors are added to the back sensors. To control them, there is a separate on/off button on the transmission tunnel.

The rearview camera starts working as soon as you put your car into reverse gear. Thanks to the steering angle sensor in the upgraded UAZ Patriot, the rearview camera image is now supplemented with dynamic data. On the color display you can see the rearview camera image and a schematic image from four rear and two front (on the left and right side) parking sensors, as well as the distance to an obstacle.


The upgraded UAZ Patriot has got a new dashboard where the steering wheel is the main element. It now features tilt and telescoping steering. For your convenience, comfort, and to increase safety on the road, the steering wheel has new functions. The upgraded UAZ Patriot now has a cruise control and speed limiter managed by a button cluster in the left part of the steering wheel. On the right there is a control panel of the multimedia system and hands-free speakerphone for safe communication on the road.

The upgraded UAZ Patriot is equipped with new switches under steering column of modern design and extended functionality including triple turn signal, onboard computer management, and windshield wiper adjustment. The light control module has also been upgraded making the turning algorithm on the fog and rear lights more convenient.

To radically enhance the acoustic comfort of the upgraded UAZ Patriot steps have been taken towards improving soundproofing and vibration isolation. The following materials have been added and improved:

  • Soundproofing and vibration isolation of the cowl
  • Soundproofing of the floor and trunk
  • Vibration isolation of the roof and side doors
  • Second door seal strip

The fuel system in the upgraded UAZ Patriot has also been considerably modernized. Now UAZ Patriot is equipped with a single plastic fuel tank with a plastic filler neck.

Heating and climate control

UAZ Patriot is well-prepared for the cold season. It offers not only heated front seats, rear window and side view mirrors, but also a programmable pre-heater, heating of the entire area of the windshield, and back seats heating which gives UAZ Patriot a competitive advantage in comparison to other off-road vehicles. The upgraded UAZ Patriot also has a heated steering wheel with a leather cover.

As part of the modernization, the control system for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning has been totally re-designed. Now UAZ Patriot has single-zone climate control with a new control unit in the central console and a possibility to select the temperature. The second heater with a separate blower and controllable air vents is installed for passengers in the second row.


There is a modern and innovative 7" color touchscreen multimedia system with Full HD video mode, AM/FM/MP3, USB/AUX ports, and 6 speakers, which also includes a compass and a Navitel navigation system with maps of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine.

The multimedia system touchscreen has excellent readability and a wide viewing angle allowing the passenger in the front seat to monitor the indications.


2.7 L gasoline engine, 134.6 horsepower
A reliable 3M3 40906 gasoline engine with 5-speed manual transmission, which has high torque even at idle speed, is installed in all configurations.

Diesel-powered engine 2.2L, 113.5 horsepower
A reliable 3M3 40906 gasoline engine with 5-speed manual transmission, which has high torque even at idle speed, is installed in all configurations.

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