Ready for everything
The expedition version is based on the 7-seat UAZ Classic Combi. Enhanced off-road features and design details make off-road trips on untouched routes more comfortable and safer.
Expedition Rack with Ladder
The wide luggage rack supports provide an even load distribution, and the high sides are suitable for transporting a shovel, jack or installing a roller shutter.
BFGoodrich tires with black steel rims
Highly durable AT tires, proven on hundreds of expedition tours, won’t fail on any surface.
Rear differential lock
Era-GLONASS (similar to e-Call)
Device is located on the duct tunnel, antenna module on the instrument panel, user interface unit with microphone, speaker and SOS button mounted on the roof bracket.
Steering rods protection
Steel tubes protect the steering rods from mechanical impacts and damage.
Front power bumper with bull bar and winch
The winch is selected and designed not to interfere with the engine cooling
Rear power bumper with tow bar.
The towing hitch provides the most reliable grip with towing devices or other vehicles, allows you to increase the functionality of the car and equip the car with additional equipment.
Convenience for the whole company
Expeditionary does not mean Spartan. Functional interior details make your trip even more comfortable.
Fabric seat upholstery with contrasting stitching and water-repellent treatment
Comfort package
New type handles, single key and sliding window vents.
Comfort package
New type handles, single key and sliding window vents.
Heated front seats
Even in a frosty winter, the ride for passengers will always be comfortable
Orange body color
Comfortable ride in the cabin for five passengers
Two seats and an easily removable rear-facing table, and three along the rear wall of the cabin.

4865 mm
2284 mm
up to 704 kg
Carrying capacity
Number of passangers
Combi Expedition*
New special version of UAZ Combi
Features and options