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2024 year
2023 year
Base Fleet*
Hunter Base Fleet*
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Hunter Base Fleet*
2024 year
2023 year
Base Fleet*
Off-road options
Black rear-view mirrors
Trunk door — drop-side tailgate
Classic cargo van
5-speed BAIC manual transmission
ZMZ engine 40911 112, 2 hp
Emergency call device "ERA-GLONASS"
Rear mud flaps
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The special version Expedition is based on the Hunter «Base Fleet» with a rear axle differential lock.
Key components are carefully designed in the factory, certified and provide tangible benefits to the consumer.
Reinforced equipment
The front power bumper allows the installation of a jack, and is also equipped with towing eyes and an electric winch. Rear power bumper with a gate for the spare wheel, a towbar, a hole for a rack jack and a towbar.
Power steps
Tested for strength and fully suitable for lifting a vehicle with a rack jack, even when fully loaded and getting stuck in swampy soils.
Launch color — Metallic Orange «Juicy Aperol». Limited edition.
And also bright body colors — Non-metallic Orange and Raptor Orange
BFGoodrich T/A 235/85 R16» tires with black steel rims
Highly durable AT tires, proven on hundreds of expedition tours, won’t fail on any surface. Modified wheel arches allows the installation of larger wheels. The ground clearance is 241 mm.
Expedition Rack
The wide luggage rack supports provide an even load distribution, and the high sides are suitable for transporting a shovel, jack or installing a roller shutter.
Heated front seats
The ride for passengers will be comfortable even in frosty winter conditions.
Choose your path
The modern UAZ HUNTER is a passionate hunter of adventure. It is born from the confidence in the complete reliability of the car on any off-road. It was raised by generations of owners who travel to the unknown the corners of the earth became possible only thanks to it.
ZMZ 40911 Euro-2
up to112.2 hp
up to2500
up to 198 N.m.
210 mm
Road clearance
Approach angle
Departure angle
Front spring suspension provides good handling, passenger comfort and easy maintenance. The rear suspension with three leaf springs makes the car resistant to extreme loads and reliable off-road.
The steering with a high reliability and increased resource withstands extreme loads when driving off-road
Keeps military shape
A military vehicle adapted to civilian life with minimal changes still embodies values ​​such as simplicity, practicality and reliability. The verified geometry of the body lines, which we recognize at a glance
Front disc brakes improve braking and improve efficiency both on and off the road
Brake force distribution system
All-wheel drive system
Part-time all-wheel drive with downshift. With its increased cross-country ability, Hunter does not give up even in the most difficult situation. And on the road it confidently accelerates and keeps the trajectory.

Reach inner harmony
The high seating position, coupled with the convenient location of the controls and the proper layout of the driver’s seat, provide excellent visibility.
Power steering
Front and rear seat belts
Grab handle for easy entrance for the front passengers
Ergonomic steering wheel
Comfort, simplicity and functionality
The high seating position contributes to control over the road situation, improves handling and improves safety in all circumstances. The front seats received an additional range of longitudinal adjustments.
The classic dashboard combines information content, robustness and practicality.
The classic shape of the 5-speed gearbox lever
For the transportation of bulky cargo and equipment, the rear seats can be folded 60/40 or turned into a berth by spreading it by 180 °.
Reliable mechanism for opening and locking door glass
Roomy rear passenger row seats with ISOFIX
Roomy rear passenger row seats with ISOFIX

Hunter Base Fleet*
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Hunter Base Fleet*
1 390 000 ₽
Доставка до ДЦ
50 000 ₽
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