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Dropside van

UAZ 3303 - is a vehicle tested with time. It is a true workhorse, able to do anything. Four wheel drive lorry UAZ 3303 will surprise you with its flexibility, easy maintenance, simplicity of operation.
Dropside van -

All-metal two-passenger cabin with two side single-wing doors and a detachable cap of an engine jacket, metal or wooden platform and perfect off road ability. What else might be needed to deliver any load with comfort?


Size and weight
Engine, speed and fuel-efficiency
Transmission, brakes and tyres
Wheel arrangement 4х4
Seating accommodation 2
Length, mm 4501
Width, mm 1974
Height, mm 2355
Wheel base, mm 2550
Road clearance, mm 205
Fording depth, mm 500
Curb weight, kg 1845
Gross weight, kg 3070
Load capacity, kg 1225
Engine Petrol ZMZ-4091
Fuel Petrol A-92
Volume, l 2,693
Maximum output, hp (kW) 112 (82,5) at 4250 rpm
Maximum torque, Nm (kgf/m) 198 at 2500 rpm
Maximum speed, km/h 115
Fuel consumption at 90 km/h, l per 100 km 17
Fuel tank capacity, l 50
Transmission manual, 5-speed
Transfer case 2-speed with shutting off the front axle
Brake system Dual circuit braking system with vacuum booster, front brakes - disk/drum type, rear brakes - drum-type
Tyres 225/75 R16


Tented platform +
Hydraulic power steering +

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