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UAZ PATRIOT UNLIMITED is presented in exclusive Quartz color (gray metallic) with light-alloy discs of the increased R18 radius. The spoiler and the stop signal repeater are painted in color of a body. On the road UNLIMITED differs in the original container of a spare wheel with the chrome plated rim, non-thermal glasses with deep toning of back doors and a luggage carrier, and also finishing of racks of black color. The special attention is required for leather black seats with a pro-line and two-color execution of a logo. It is easy to identify the new special version of the vehicle by the information code plate on a car body. Besides, this model is provided with the option «Winter Package» which includes electro heating of a windshield, additional heater of salon, heating of back seats and the accumulator of the increased capacity. The car is equipped with the modern radio tape recorder with navigation and the big 7-inch touch screen.


Quartz color of the body (gray metallic)+
Spoiler and the stop signal repeater painted in the color of the body+
Black finish of racks+
Chrome container of a spare wheel with the central part painted in the color of the body+
Interior UNLIMITED style+
Non-thermal glasses with deep toning of back doors+

The numbers of vehicles is limited. The first SUVs will arrive to the UAZ distribution centers in April 2015.