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UAZ presents an exclusive TROPHY special edition

Powerful protection of the gear unit and transfer case is executed from a stamped steel sheet 3 mm thick. The strengthened protection of steering gear connection is achieved by strong pipes of round section with a diameter of 42 mm; it is made to surmount rough off road terrain.

The new TROPHY version is presented as before in its exclusive Rushmore color (brown-grey metallic)


Rushmore color of the body (brown-grey metallic)+
The strengthened protection of steering gear connection achieved by strong pipes+
Protection of the gear unit and transfer case by the stamped steel sheet+
16 inch light-alloy discs (TROPHY style), tires 235/70 R16 (4 pcs.) + spare wheel with the 16 inch steel disc with 235/70 R16 tire+
Interior TROPHY style+
Non-thermal glasses with deep toning of back doors+

PATRIOT with a patrol-powered engine is also equipped with non-thermal glasses with deep toning of back doors. Light-alloy discs R16 with the blackening finish provide the unique look. The interior is furnished with high quality leather, fabrics and logo embroidery.

This model can additionally be provided with the option «Winter Package» which includes electro heating of a windshield, additional heater of salon, heating of back seats and the accumulator of the increased capacity.

The numbers of TROPHY vehicles is limited. The first SUVs will arrive to the UAZ distribution centers in April 2015.