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The new limited edition of UAZ PATRIOT EXPEDITION is presented in its exclusive Rushmore color (brown-grey metallic) and is equipped with expedition roof box as well as its radio station of the civil broadcast (Citizens Band) with an extending antenna. The car also has a strong protection of steering gear connection with an imprinted logo UAZ made of sheet metal. The ladder with folding section for access to a forwarding luggage carrier is provided in back part of the car. The limited version of EXPEDITION has light-alloy R16 discs with blackening finish and is also equipped with non-thermal glasses with deep toning of back doors and the luggage carrier. Leather seats with an orange pro-line and a logo of a special series provide the expressed identity to the car salon. The car is equipped with the modern radio tape recorder with navigation and the big 7-inch touch screen. The winter package for EXPEDITION model is available optionally for surcharge.


Rushmore color of the body (brown-grey metallic)+
The strengthened protection of steering gear by the stamped steel sheet+
Expedition roof box+
16 inch light-alloy discs (TROPHY style), tires 235/70 R16 (4 pcs.) + spare wheel with the 16 inch steel disc with 235/70 R16 tire+
Interior EXPEDITION style+
Non-thermal glasses (grey) with deep toning of back doors+
Radio station Megajet MJ-300+
Insertion for radio statio+
The vehicle antenna fastened on a luggage carrier+
Navigation multimedia system with 7 inch display: GPS/GLONASS (Navitel with maps of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan), USB, MP3, Video up to FullHD playback, AM/FM Tuner w/RDS, Bluetooth (A2DP), Aux in, Rear Camera In, 4 speakers+

The numbers of vehicles is limited. The first SUVs will arrive to the UAZ distribution centers in April 2015.