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Meet the «Victory series»

In the end of 2015 UAZ will finish the production of HUNTER the legendary off road vehicle, made on the base of UAZ-469, which is characterized by all-terrain performance, easy maintenance and reliability. UAZ is going to make a «farewell version» of the model before it will be taken out of production. The model will carry a symbolic name of «Victory series»

To commemorate the 70th jubilee of Victory Day UAZ produced the «Victory series» of the legendary UAZ HUNTER. «Victory series» is devoted to the Soviet war film «Only Old Men Are Going to Battle», which describes the daily life of fighter pilots during the Great Patriotic War.

The drawing of printed music will be put on the body of «command UAZ car» on both sides using aerography. The drawing will remind of the one on the body of the fight airplane, which belonged to the main hero of the film «Only Old Men Are Going to Battle», whose call-sign was «Maestro».


Khaki color of the body (green, non-metallic)+
The strengthened protection of steering gear by the stamped steel sheet+
«Victory series» aerography on both sides of the body+
Souvenir set contains:
1. Carryall
2. Groundsheet
3. Axe
4. Kettle
5. Set of tableware
Tires Contyre Expedition 225/75 R16 (5 psc.)+
Black discs stamped steel (5 pcs.)+
Black wheel cap (5 pcs.)+

«Victory series» is equipped with black steel disks, Contyre Expedition tires, protection of steering gear connection. Commander HUNTER is presented in exclusive color of military years — «Khaki» (green, non-metallic). It is possible to identify the special version by the chrome plated information code plates «Victory series».

«Victory series» vehicles include the irreplaceable set of military equipment: an army groundsheet, a sound holdall with stripes, a soldier’s kettle and the entrenching tool.