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UAZ Hunter

UAZ Hunter presents a classical military style in the contemporary rendering. Well-known Russian temper and strength combined with comfort and gentle care for passengers.



Seating capacity 5
Length, mm 4100
Width without mirrors, mm 1730
Width with mirrors, mm 2010
Height, mm 2025
Wheel base, mm 2380
Front/rear track, mm 1465/1465
Road clearance, mm 210
Fording depth, mm 500
  Petrol engine Diesel engine
Curb weight, kg 1845 1890
Gross weight, kg 2520 2550
Load capacity, kg 675 660
  Petrol engine Diesel engine
Fuel Petrol A-92 Diesel
Volume, l 2,693 2,235
Maximum output, hp (kW) 128 (94,1) at 4600 rpm 113,5 (83,5) at 3500 rpm
Maximum torque, Nm (kgf/m) 209,7 at 2500 rpm 270 at 1800…2800 rpm
Wheel arrangement 4 х 4
Transmission manual, 5-speed
Transfer case 2-speed (transmission ratio of low gear i=2,542)
Wheel drive Rear wheel drive can shift into part-time 4WD
Front brakes disc-type
Rear brakes drum-type
Front suspension dependent, coil with anti-roll bar
Rear suspension dependent, on two longitudinal semi-elliptic few-leaf springs with anti-roll bar
Tyres 225/75 R16
  Petrol engine Diesel engine
Maximum speed, km/h 150 135
Fuel consumption at 90 km/h 11,5 9,5
Fuel tank capacity, l 72 72